VideomagikTM is equipped with a vast array of editing, compositing and animation software.

Digital video and 3D graphics are edited and rendered with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0  non-linear editing suite.


Main Video Editing Suite

Information remains in the digital format through the final conversion to DVD or CD-rom, AVI, Quicktime, VHS, or DV. Digital editing allows full frame video to be compiled and synchronized with titles and audio without generation loss. Changes and substitutions can be made easily and quickly by editing the timeline.




Eyeon Digitial Fusion and Adobe After Effects CS5  production bundle provide the compositing framework for video.

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 allows professional results for any DVD project. 

Graphics tools such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, NewTek AURA2, Ulead COOL 3D, COREL Painter 8, Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Ulead Photo Impact are used to generate exceptional titles, moving graphics and logos.

Raw footage is captured on digital video cameras at 500 lines of resolution and input into the editing suite via Firewire through Canopus DV Storm2 and DVRex-M1 video capture systems.

3D Motion Graphics are created with LightWave 3D 10.1™ and rendered with Screamer Net II™.

 Live video footage, animation, titles and motion graphics are combined into a cohesive presentation. 

Screamer Net II rendering is accomplished with a bank of dedicated processors to yield a quick turn around and high resolution.

VideoMagikTM is equipped with the most up-to-date graphics tools to create high quality 3D animation, CD-ROM, DVD or VHS video.


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