Night-Owl Recording Studios of ColoradoTM has worked with new artists, local musicians and local composers  to produce high energy, musically demanding, ear pleasing songs in an effort to combat the extensive propagation of disturbing noise generated as music.  These groups compose and perform their own music and have demonstrated a high degree of talent and musicianship. 

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 N3D - Duane, Palence and Jeff

N3D's r&b sounds are filled with dynamic vocals and harmonies which produce a exciting mood and enjoyable listening.

 Play List:

Just A Little Bit More - (10 sec,  433 kb)

Dream About You - (6 sec, 287 kb)

If You Keep Lovin' Me This Way - (11 sec, 499 kb)

Sweet Drippin' - (8 sec, 380 kb)

Who, What, When, Where, Why - (11 sec, 497 kb) 

Never Been Better - (10 sec, 448 kb)

Hurt Me - (9 sec, 390 kb)

Good and Plenty - (10 sec,  454 kb) 


The Dado Sa Band

Terminal Hinge

Ganz Vorbei

Sixteen Horsepower


Turn It Up

Karen Mosier

Jeff King

Sixteen Horsepower